The Christmas Book

Eleonora Seymour, illustrations by A. Shvetz

Eleonora Seymour was born in England, in the suburb of Shrewsbury. She is the mother of three charming children. The rhymes that you’re about to read were composed by Eleonora’s grandmother Elizabeth Seymour more than fifty years ago. The Seymour family is very proud of the warmth coming from these lines, and now Mrs. Seymour wants to share her little family heirloom with you, so that you could read the rhymes to your children, just as Eleonora’s grandmother did many years ago. These rhymes have gone through the layers of time to bring you Christmas joy again.

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© Eleonora Seymour, 2017
Illustrations © A. Shvetz, 2017
E-book Edition © Animedia Company, 2017

ISBN 978-80-7499-284-1 (online: pdf)
ISBN 978-80-7499-285-8 (online: epub)


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