The Fairy Tales of the Endless Space

Nelly Deinford, illustrations by Uncle Wind, edited by Stuart R.Schwarts

The eBook, “The Fairy Tales of the Endless Space” consists of ten magical, instructive, and informative stories. It tells your child about friendship, kindness, and responsibility, and about the importance of being a good person, including the use of the words ‘thank you’ and ‘please’. The author of the book, Nelly Deinford, is a teacher with great experience. She knows about and loves children; that is why each page of the book is enriched with love and tenderness.

After you read this book to your child and enjoy the wonderful illustrations, you’ll see that these stories will not only generate fun and excitement, but will also teach the little ones some very important life lessons. These lessons are useful for all inhabitants of our world.

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ISBN 978-80-7499-069-4 (online : epub)

© Nelly Deinford, 2014
© E-book edition. Animedia Company, 2014


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