A Green Tulip

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Irina Bilan, illustrations by Victoria Dunaeva
Book Series: A Green Tulip, #1
An Illustrated Fairy Tale

«A Green Tulip» is a beautiful and romantic fairy-tale. This is a story of pure love, beauty and courage. A young artist presents an unknown old woman with his painting, and receives magic paints as a gift in return. Everything he depicts using these paints comes to life. The artist falls in love with a beautiful princess, but she is kidnapped by the evil and cunning Queen of the arid kingdom. The brave young man sets off on a dangerous journey in search of the princess. Subsequent events develop at a dizzying pace. At some point, it seems that nothing can help rescue the princess, but thanks to the small but brave flower elves, the good still wins!

Age Range: 6-12 years.

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ISBN:978-80-7499-309-1 (online : epub)

© Irina Bilan, 2018
E-book Edition © Animedia Company, 2018

2 отзыва на A Green Tulip

  1. instagram.com/hello.studiotamara

    Do you like fairy tales ? ✅
    Do you like feel good stories ? ✅
    Do you like simpler tales that hark back to the bygone areas ? ✅
    Do you like themes like magic, fantasy? ✅
    Do you like messages that emphasize basic virtues of kindness, selflessness & eternal love? ✅

    If you have ticked 2 or more of the above then this book certainly is for you.
    A charming fairy tale set in what I believe is Europe is a sweet story of an artist.
    His chance encounter with a flower queen and how it changes his life forever.
    There are no overtly evil characters just slightly unsavory ones who are forced by unfortunate circumstances to turn out the way they did.
    It’s pretty long a tale at 575 pages and is cleaved into a chapter book with six chapters. There are clear well etched characters a linear storyline with a believable conflict and a very elaborate conflict resolution. Each chapter progresses steadily with the lead surging forth in his attempt to rescue his lady love.
    The story and setting is very descriptive really detailed yet easily comprehensible. It’s basically a comfort food sort of story which is well very comforting, slow, relaxed and sweet. It will regale your little ones. The illustrator Victoria has done a fabulous job of creating charming, lush pink soft illustrations. I just wish there were more illustrations interspersed within individual chapters.

  2. instagram.com/kiranmai_kiran

    Blurb : It’s a beautiful fairy tale in which the main protagonist Nestor , is an artist and paints beautifully.One day an old lady meets him and was impressed by the generous nature of Nestor and she blessed him with boon that whatever he paints , for the final touch they will be real.One fine day he meets the princess Rosalinda and also wins over her heart with his boon.But circumstances took another turn and princess get trapped and kidnapped by a witch.In order to save her , Nestor took the initiative and starts his journey with the help of the old lady from whom he got the boon.He will cross all the hurdles with the help of his boon and art paintings …

    Beautiful and colourful illustrations were the real essence of this book .The illustrations given in the book are so good that they will catch all the attention of the readers.Its a perfect book for the children and can be gifted to them.A lively fairy tale which will be loved by all.

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