The Magic Crystal

Irina Bilan, illustrations by Victoria Dunaeva
Book Series: A Green Tulip, #2
An Illustrated Fairy Tale

“Magic Crystal” is a continuation of fairy tale “Green Tulip” by Irina Bilan. The protagonist of the first book, young artist Nikon, lives in a beautiful castle with his beloved wife – Princess Glafira. What else would he need to be happy? But every time a rainbow appears in the sky, Nikon’s heart is gripped by longing. He can’t forgive himself, after all it’s because of his carelessness the little elf Denis has turned into a tulip and now lies motionless on a stone column. Princess Glafira, realizing why her husband is so sad, finds the legend of magic crystal in some old book. The legend says the crystal can fulfill wishes! Nikon and Glafira immediately decide to go in search of that magic item. The road will be hard, but the main test is waiting for them at its end. The choice is always difficult when you have only one wish to make!

Age Range: 6-12 years.

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ISBN: 978-80-7499-378-7 (online : epub)

© Irina Bilan, 2019
E-book Edition © Animedia Company, 2019


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