Nose, the Dwarf

Wilhelm Hauff, illustrations by Viktoriya Dunayeva, translated by C. A. Feiling

“Dwarf, the Nose” (or “Little Longnose”) is one of the most famous fairy tales of the German writer Wilhelm Hauff.

The main character of the tale is a boy, who was stolen by an old witch and transformed into the ugly dwarf. After he had fled from her, he tried to return home. But his parents didn’t recognize him. Working at the lord’s kitchen, he managed to save the girl Mimi, who was also transformed into the goose by the witch. Their friendship helps them to overcome all difficulties and to become uncharmed.

The triumph of Good over Evil is the main theme of the tale. “Dwarf, the Nose” (or “Little Longnose”) stresses the importance of family in the life of a person, teaches children to love their parents.

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ISBN 978-80-7499-030-4 (online : epub)

© Illustrations. Viktoriya Dunayeva, 2014
© E-book edition. Animedia Company, 2014


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