Uncia or Precious Nothing

Andrey Morsin, illustrations by Olga Bazelyan, title illustration by Katerina Gutnikova-Mikhailova
Novel, Fairy-tale For All Ages

This world is full of mysteries, and if you learn to commune with it, you’ll acquire invisible friends, who won’t let you fail.

In “Uncia or Precious Nothing” a scientist invents a device that enables him to travel to peoples’ hearts. There he meets a fantastic Bird – the quintessence of Love and Light in the Universe. He uses her rays to create a remedy to save a human heart from darkness and fear.

Uncia, an imprisoned teenage princess, falls in love for the first time. The Bird teaches her how to travel without a body to find her love.

Their adventures engage the world as an infinite musical instrument, where every living soul leads out a unique melody that can’t be rewritten.

“Uncia or Precious Nothing” unveils an invisible side of the world, the side that’s full of mystery and magic. And above all, it gives hope in the endless journey of Life.

Written by the multiple Russian national prizewinner for song lyrics, Andrey Morsin, this extraordinary novel reveals an original visionary concept of the Universe intricately woven into a fairy-tale for all ages.

«Uncia or Precious Nothing» in Russian language: «Унция»

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ISBN: 978-80-7499-295-7 (online : epub)
ISBN: 978-80-7499-009-0 (rus. vyd.)

Illustrations © Olga Bazelyan, 2012–2014
Cover illustration © Katerina Gutnikova-Mikhailova, 2017
E-book Edition © Animedia Company, 2018


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