Tales of The Friendly Forest

Alexei Lukshin
Series: Tales of the Friendly Forest, #1

“Tales of The Friendly Forest” is a colorfully illustrated collection of fairy tales for children. The book contains ten instructive fairy stories about the adventures of kind and funny inhabitants of the forest: the traveling Hedgehog, the hare Turbo, the wolf Straight Tail and other great beasts. These tales teach the children friendship, humanity and respect to each other, the ability to perceive everything in positive manner and create good mood.

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ISBN: 978-80-87762-89-9 (online : ibooks)
ISBN: 978-80-87762-90-5 (online : epub)
ISBN: 978-80-87762-97-4 (online : pdf)

© Alexei Lukshin, 2013
© Illustrations. Galina Krylova, 2013
© Translation, e-book edition. Animedia Company, 2013


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