Information System Quality Management

A Theoretical Approach
Georgy Isayev, prof.
The monograph

The monograph examines a number of issues related to the information system quality management paradigm. The information systems are applied to organizational and management domains.

The book covers the fundamentals of information system quality management, and their quality improvement. The creation of models, algorithms, methods, and tools for improving the information system quality in terms of system development, operation, and evolution is also considered. A comprehensive information system quality management system is proposed as a quality improvement tool, and as a new category of information and control systems. Goals, objectives, functions, structure, development and functioning of such systems are presented.

The book is intended for information system developers, experts, researchers, doctorate students who deal with the information system quality assurance, and for university students majoring in Applied Computer Science, Computer Science for Business, Information Technology, Automated Systems, Information Management, and similar subjects.

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ISBN 978-80-7499-346-6 (online: epub)

© Isayev G.N., 2019
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