Europa’s Fairy Book

Jacobs Joseph, John Dickson Batten

«Europa’s Fairy Book» is a collection of European fairy tales restored and retold by Joseph Jacobs. This ebook edition from Animedia Company is magnificently illustrated by John Dickson Batten and consists of 29 marvellous tales, such as:

Snowwhite, Beauty and the Beast, The Cinder-Maid, All Change, The King of the Fishes, Scissors, Reynard and Bruin, The Dancing Water, the Singing Apple, and the Speaking Bird, The Language of Animals, The Three Soldiers, A Dozen at a Blow, The Earl of Cattenborough, The Swan Maidens, Androcles and the LionDay-Dreaming, Keep Cool, The Master Thief, The Unseen Bridegroom, The Master-Maid, A Visitor From Paradise, Inside Again, John the True, Johnnie and Grizzle, The Clever Lass, Thumbkin.

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ISBN 978-80-7499-463-0 (online : epub)

© E-book edition. Animedia Company, 2022


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