Seymour, Eleonora: Learn to Count. Animedia Company, 2017

Learn to Count

Eleonora Seymour, illustrations by Eugene Saukh

Hey, my friend. My name is Luis. I am a very smart cat. I studied at Harvard and now I can read and count. Today, my little friend, I will teach you to count to 10. Oh, I almost forgot about my magic talent. I can turn digits into funny things and creatures, which may appear around you. Do you want to see them? Let’s begin then.

Edition details:

© Eleonora Seymour, 2017
Illustrations © Eugene Saukh, 2017
E-book Edition © Animedia Company, 2017

ISBN 978-80-7499-286-5 (online: pdf)
ISBN 978-80-7499-287-2 (online: epub)

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