The Child’s Book of Bible Pictures


The child’s book of Bible pictures

James Perkins Walker, illustrated by John Gilbert

“The child’s book of Bible pictures” is a version of the Bible retold specially for children by James Perkins Walker (1829-1868). The book is illustrated with 27 beautiful colored pictures accompanied by poetic selections.

“The child’s book of Bible pictures” covers in verse such Bible episodes as: Joseph Sold By His Brethren, Joseph Cast Into Prison, The Cup Found In Benjamin’s Sack, The Meeting Of Jacob And Joseph, Moses In The Bulrushes, Moses Before Pharaoh, Moses Striketh The Rock, The Brazen Serpent, The Nativity, Christ In The Temple, Miraculous Draught Of Fishes, Jairus’ Daughter Raised, The Pool Of Bethesda, Christ Walking On The Sea, Christ Blessing Little Children, Jesus Before Pilate, Crucifixion Of Our Saviour, John The Baptist, Jerusalem, Capture Of Jerusalem, Soldiers Entering The Temple, Overthrow Of Pharaoh’s Host, Mount Hor: The Burial-Place Of Aaron, The Wars Of The Jews, Ruins Of Ancient Tyre, Damascus.

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