A Snow Baby

"A Snow Baby" is one of the best illustrated Christmas ebooks for kids

A Snow Baby

Bingham Clifton

A snow-baby: merry rhymes for pleasant times” is full of verses and poems about such popular and favorite amusements and scenes as making a snowmen, fishing or sailing, a singing bird in the cage or in the nest, pets or little babies. Most of these verses will be also adorable during Christmas and winter days.

The ‘Animedia Company’ e-book edition (2012) contains the original illustrations: 7 extraordinary color chromolithographs, lots of small charming half tone graphics, which were carefully restored by a publisher.

A snow-baby: merry rhymes for pleasant times” by Bingham Clifton (1859-1913) and Ernest Nister (1842–1909) was firstly published in New York by E.P. Dutton (1880s) and in London by Ernest Nister (1888).

Edition details:

ISBN: 978-80-87762-02-8 (online : epub)
© 1888, Clifton Bingham (author), Ernest Nister (lithographer, illustrator)
© 2012, Animedia Company

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