Metal Gorilla

Nikolay Gopienko, Nikita Gudkov
Part 1

At the edge of the Universe, space travellers Metal Gorilla and Spectrum find an ancient artifact in which the enormous power is hidden. In the hope of saving the world, heroes try to destroy the artifact. Instead, they are being dragged into the intergalactic war. They come together in a fight against the most dangerous enemy they have ever encountered.

The first out of twenty episodes of the comic book series that tells a story about the adventures of superheroes Metal Gorilla and Spectrum.

With enemies after them and millions of galaxies to travel, the entire Universe is at stake. The price that heroes have to pay for their victory is very high.

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ISBN 978-80-7499-440-1 (online : epub)

© Nikolay Gopienko, 2020
© Nikita Gudkov, 2020
E-book Edition © Animedia Company, 2020


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