The Moonstone

Collins, Wilkie: The Moonstone. Animedia Company, 2015

The Moonstone

Wilkie Collins

Illustrations by George du Maurier and Francis Arthur Fraser, etc.

«The Moonstone» by Wilkie Collins is a 19th-century British epistolary novel, generally considered the first detective novel in the English language. The story was originally serialised in Charles Dickens’ magazine «All the Year Round». «The Moonstone» and «The Woman in White» are considered Wilkie Collins’ best novels. Besides creating many of the ground rules of the detective novel, «The Moonstone» also reflected Collins’ enlightened social attitudes in his treatment of the servants in the novel.

The ebook edition of «The Moonstone» from Animedia Company contains 25 black-and-white illustrations by George du Maurier and Francis Arthur Fraser, and also illustrations from the various print 1868 editions.

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ISBN 978-80-7499-190-5 (online : epub)
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